Thursday, 18 June 2015

DANGEROUS ways to get to school. 18th June.

As the sun was shining, I could see trees waving at me everywhere. I could feel myself crying inside, so upset, so, so nervous to get on the boat to school.

I took my first step onto the little crowded small dark brown grey slimy, slippery boat with shock, and goose bumps all over me.
It felt like the small dark, brown, little canoe was going to tip.  As I sat down with my bag on my knee in shock because I was so nervous. I felt the small dark padals slowly moving along the dark blue river that smelt like fish.

We finally arrived at the island. I was so over the moon and so, so relieved. I can't believe I am there.


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  1. Neat story Ria bet you are glad you come to school on a bus !