Friday, 12 December 2014

That was Christmas

Remember the time Daragh was going to spray cream on his waffles and instead he sprayed it in my face?
Remember when I pushed Daragh into the pool and he screamed like a baby?
That was christmas.

Remember when my family went to Festival of Lights and we tried to get up the hill with Geeva but the fall over?
Remember when I opened a Christmas cracker and it had a weird joke in it?
That was christmas.

Remember the time we had to wake Mikah up and wait for mum and dad to come home and we were running around being loud?
Remember when I had a nightmare about santa coming into are house christmas attack us instead of giving us presents?
That was christmas.

Remember the time santa gave Daragh my present which was a cupcake maker and I got a monster truck? I was not happy.
Remember the time I was being naughty on Christmas and I did not get my presents?
That was christmas.

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