Friday, 21 March 2014

My Taonga

​Everyone knows that my family is special to me. I have a big full family because I have six people in my family. I celebrate lots with my family. We go everywhere our family agrees on. I have a mum and a dad. I also have a little sister, she is four. She is turning five next term. I also have another little sister called Geeva who is one. I have an older brother called Daragh and he is nine. He is turning ten. Then I’ve got a mum called Phillpa and she is 32. My dad called Mark and he is 31.  That is my taonga that I want to share.


  1. What a wonderful treasure Ria. I am sure lots of people would like a treasure like yours.

  2. What a AWESOME taonga Ria we are doing taonga's in class too I really enjoyed reading about your family keep up the good work!

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  3. Dayna Rm1 Auroa School Taranaki NZ
    Hi Ria that is a great story of your family. I know I love my family. Make sure to check out my blog at